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Ankara Clothing

120% YoY increase in traffic

Ankara clothing is a ethnic fashion retail store based out of UK.

They hired us to increase their traffic by 120% in a year from non-brand keywords.

We used a combination of SEO & PPC to achieve the result. Many people approach SEO and PPC as completely separate strategies. And while they are different in many ways, it can be helpful to think of SEO and PPC as being two sides of the same coin: search. There are many ways in which SEO and PPC efforts complement each other, and lead to a more successful search strategy.

Ankara Clothing

A approach based on seeking visibility

Speedy wins and long term targets were recognized from wide analysis of brand and non-brand keywords. These keywords were capitalize on relevant SEO and PPC traffic to key products, even as website content and PPC ads were modified to better engage with visitors.

Throughout the campaign execution, 360 Digital team focused on our requirement and it was vital in deploying a booming digital marketing strategy.

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