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Content Strategy for Flatons

64% increase in visitors to the website

Flatons provide professional real estate & investment advisory. They help their client buy, sell and rent properties and flats across Pune.

Flatons team contacted us to find a way to increase their traffic. We formulated a content strategy for them along with detailed content calender.

We set up blog for them and advised them on topics they need to cover to generate traffic. This required us to conduct an in-depth keyword research for their industry. By working with us they were able to increase their traffic by 64% in less than 3 months.

Blog Strategy for Flatons

Supporting in house teams with skilled blog making

Producing standard, high quality blog content internally proved to be difficult. In addition, social media channels were not getting the fuel they required.

360 digital works closely with Flatons, turning briefing information into well crafted and expertly authored blogs, minimizing the internal resource needed to produce content.

Utilizing blog content for social channels

Social media channels such as Facebook were used to publish standard stream of content, helping to force potential and existing customers to the website. The result has been a 64% increase in visitors and a significant boost in the number of website referrals traceable to the blog

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