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Conversion Optimization for Midday Sale

42% uplift in conversions from efficient checkout

Middaysale is one of the India’s leading deal per day e-commerce company providing discounted daily deals to customers.

They have been a 360 Digital client since 2012.

The length and outline of the existing checkout form was a problem to conversions, with less than 10% of thousands of monthly visitors completing the form.

Middaysale Case study

A statistical approach to solution

All changes were based on formerly recorded data.

Streamlining the checkout form had to reflect on the minimum amount of information required to make a transaction.

All changes were split tested to quantify any decisions made.

We did not only choose 360 Digital for their technical ability but for their general approach and approach to the challenges we have thrown at them. They are an excellent company to work with and they really enjoy what they do!

A shorter, better-looking checkout form that drastically increased conversions

Over 45 days the 50/50 split test saw the new efficient checkout form result in a 42 % increase in conversions in comparison to the existing form.

At each stage data formed the basis of decisions, such as removing the navigation elements on the checkout page to limit the number of interference for users. The result is that Middaysale now generating more transaction from their website.

If you would like to see how we could achieve these results for your business, please get in touch.