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147% Increase in number of lead generated mom before and after campaign

Portal Development & Linkedin Marketing – 2014

The Entrepreneurship School (TES) is a one of its kind institution uniquely dedicated towards entrepreneurship.

It provide all expertise, support and connections required to budding as well as established entrepreneurs. TES wanted to develop it’s portal and devise strategy to connect with it’s target students & entrepreneurs in general

  • Development of website.
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy.
  • Display and text ads targeting
  • Target prospects by company, position and industry
  • Display ads targeted to relevant LinkedIn Groups
  • Sponsored InMail
  • Setup email marketing campaign.
Iseed Review

Understanding reviews

Discussions with students were considered key to understand consumer motivations and how they interacted with the business school website.

Specialist reviews were also conducted to evaluate the sitemap, navigation schema, website messaging and social media presence.

Useful recommendations for extension

The review portion not only emphasized the issues, but provided recommendations for specific areas for improvement on the website and social media platforms.

Advice combined with the on and offline insight provided by the contextual interviews gave business school the means to shape future strategy and achieve immediate goals.

360 digital reviews were professionally delivered, provided a good basis for reflection and included clear recommendations

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