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Improved lead generation for l4BPS

Generated more number of visits & leads

L4BPS is a language training company based out of Netherlands. It has built relationships with their clients on a high level of trust and is able to offer a range of growth opportunities to its students.

LBP’s Rebecca Van Gelderen, has nearly 20 years experience in the field of linguistics.

While reviewing a site for a design, it was observed that the primary objective was to increase profitability and justify website as a core lead generating medium.

A 120% increase in leads was generated within the first 3 months of the campaign through attractive search visibility and increasing traffic.

Improved lead generation for l4BPS

Increase brand value by providing a clean corporate design

360 digital took strategic approach to increase profitability and justify website as a marketing channel. We created the website to in five different languages as per the request of client to bridge the communication gap.

User friendly contact form, typography, workflow and optimization were some of the highlights of the website

Planning for positive ROI

Profit-making objectives included doubling the monthly website leads through increasing traffic and conversions.

The target audience was profiled even as competitors and market opportunity were analyzed.

Paid and organic search were recognized as significant channels for achieving the campaign objectives.

A campaign that exceeded profit-making objectives

On the whole campaign proved the concept of digital marketing to the L4BPS , which is now dedicated to accomplishing long term objectives online.

Working with 360 Digital is really a pleasure. A creative, professional and very talented group of individual, who have all worked together to deliver several impressive and quantifiable results.

If you would like to see how we could achieve these results for your business, please get in touch.