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Research & UX Design

Do you want to experience the design you never had ?

Design Research provides a cost effective means of understanding the target user’s personality. We make use of a combination of field tested methods like ethnographic field studies, contextual interviews, cultural probes (diary studies), telephonic interviews and surveys – to develop a deep understanding of user goals, motivations, pain points and the tasks they perform.

The goal of 360 digital is to make your product a lot more consumable. Thus every product build is designed starting with the user. This is completed by making the product insightful, useful and simple to use. Products which are simple to use are a lot more competitive in the market place. Serviceability shortens the training and learning time, reduces product support cost and improves customer stickiness. 360 Digital reduces overall product development costs particularly when applied first at the very early stages of product development.


360 Digital showed real skills when it came to understanding the need to improve user experience and create a solution which would be of benefit to a wide range of users.

Founder, The Event Box

Our expertise

  • Design Research
  • Visual Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Concept Design
  • Front End UI
  • Enterprise Application UI Design

Why choose 360 Digital?

Too often, strategies fail because they do not define measurable deliverable. Our digital services are designed to produce results which matters to you the most-Increased Sales, Lead Generation, Build Awareness, Increase Customer Retention and Reduce Cost of customer acquisition. With extensive experience taking projects from inception through to planning, creation and marketing we are the ideal choice to partner with you for your project.

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