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A digital response to your business challenges.

How do I…?

Is your website taking you back?

When your website isn’t fulfilling your needs it’s harming your business. Reasons behind poor performance vary from failing to understand your target audience and how they use your website, to recognizing the key points where the conversion process weakens.

In order to improve the performance various things needs to be looked up which is not limited to : Technology used , Content , Information architecture, Overall Design, Landing page quality.

Improve Performance

Technical audit
helped us get back on track and increased our visibility


How we do it

We start by carrying out comprehensive audit of your website which includes : Technical audit, Content audit, SEO audit and Design audit.

Based on the findings of audits we develop a revival plan and based on priority we implement the required changes to inprove performance of your website

We keep on monitoring key performance metric and revise our plans accordingly.

Why choose 360 digital?

Too often, strategies fail because they do not define measurable deliverable. Our digital services are designed to produce results which matters to you the most-Increased Sales, Lead Generation, Build Awareness, Increase Customer Retention and Reduce Cost of customer acquisition. With extensive experience taking projects from inception through to planning, creation and marketing we are the ideal choice to partner with you for your project.

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