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How performance of your site on mobile affects SEO

How optimizing your site for Mobile benefits your SEO

In the digital marketing world everyday bring with it a new set of challenges. As a digital agency at the forefront of digital marketing we’ve always got our ears to the ground. Last year we saw the Hummingbird update which changed the method that the search engine giant handles informal queries and the keyword update which had a number of SEO people panicking. This year sees the sustainable…

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Does Google has a rule when it comes to privacy?

How google analytics is changing and it's implications

Google has announced that they would be eliminating keyword data from analytics to shield signed-in users. Now, in the very similar piece of software, website owners are able to see who exactly has linked to their website – including social profile details. Reasonably, some industry folk are crying foul play on this particular move. So, is this another case of double standards from the search giant? It’s an…

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How to check speed of your website ?

Free tools for checking speed of your website

Ever since broadband became the standard, website users have anticipated websites to load within a couple of seconds. Slow loading pages can have remarkable effect on the number of users who will purchase from your website.So how to check speed of website ? The subsequent tools are designed to check, examine and improve the speed of the pages on your website. For each business, the usual loading speed…

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What is Marketing Automation?

How technology is changing the way we do marketing

Google’s trends shows that traffic for the term ‘Marketing Automation’ has risen by 40% in the last year, but why and what’s all the argument about? As a digital agency, we get inquired about this by a lot by customers. If it’s your first time reading about marketing automation, don’t panic it’s not about robot and you’ll still be in a job. We’ve put a few essential steps…

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