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How performance of your site on mobile affects SEO

How optimizing your site for Mobile benefits your SEO

In the digital marketing world everyday bring with it a new set of challenges. As a digital agency at the forefront of digital marketing we’ve always got our ears to the ground. Last year we saw the Hummingbird update which changed the method that the search engine giant handles informal queries and the keyword update which had a number of SEO people panicking. This year sees the sustainable…

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How Google Adwords determines ad placements?

Understanding Ad rank of Google adwords to get higher placements

You might think that Google simply rewards the highest bidders with the top positions on search results pages. But this is not so. It’s not that Google doesn’t want money; it’s just that it wants to keep on getting the money. And Google will only continue to earn billions of dollars a year if searchers find relevant adverts and not just wealthy advertisers and companies. This is what…

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PPC Advertisement – A Primer for Start Ups

A basic guide to understand PPC advertisement for Start up marketeer

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is an advertising system where the advertiser only pays when a potential customer clicks on your advertisement. PPC advertisement on search engines are easy to spot – they’re the results listed as “sponsored links”. They can appear on the top of the results page, usually in a box, and also on the right hand side of the results page. [caption id="attachment_2141" align="aligncenter" width="640"] PPC Advertisement[/caption]…

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Elements of Digital Marketing Strategy?

Steps to define your digital marketing strategy

Once you’ve decided that you do need to pursue some form of digital marketing, the next step is actually to sit down and define your strategy to capture the market. Unfortunately there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategic solution here. We don’t have a magic recipe to ensure your digital marketing success, and neither does anybody else (despite some of the online hyperbole you may read on…

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Content and design must go hand in hand for a successful project

successful websites ensure that content and design create synergy

Content and design both have equal importance for a good website. Ensuring that they both work together is very important for the success of a web project. Often many designers will find it difficult to start without content. Copywriters and strategists on the opposite find it complex to write down without a design model. What’s the finest method to move past this sticking point? As a digital agency,…

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User centric brand – What your business needs to know

User centric brand as a competitive advantage

By listening to your users and contributing to their success, you can make a brand, which will be driven by your user and will provide you unbeatable competitive advantage - user centric brand. To a certain increasing class of people, there is a virtual electronic fruit bowl that is competing eagerly for a share of your wallet/clothes – Apple, Orange, Blackberry and the like. There isn’t enough fruit…

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Think Local SEO and get relevant traffic

By winning traffic near you half the battle is already won

In this ever changing time the SEO plays an important role in businesses, but without running a local SEO campaign your business could be missing traffic that should otherwise be yours. Does this sound familiar? Let’s counter an interesting statistics Most of the mobile and desktop searchers will call a business directly from a search results page without visiting a website or calling them. Google’s resolution to provide…

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How to check speed of your website ?

Free tools for checking speed of your website

Ever since broadband became the standard, website users have anticipated websites to load within a couple of seconds. Slow loading pages can have remarkable effect on the number of users who will purchase from your website.So how to check speed of website ? The subsequent tools are designed to check, examine and improve the speed of the pages on your website. For each business, the usual loading speed…

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Has Google killed the SEO – Is SEO Dead ?

Frequent update of algorithm by google and its impact on SEO

Or, if you speak something enough times you begin to believe it - Is SEO Dead ? In fact it’s the reverse. Not because we are looking to argue the point that SEO is dead or will take breath of life back. More because SEO feels like it is starting to get forgotten – which is online suicide! This is a bit of a wake-up call to website…

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Email Newsletters Power

Using News Letters to keep in touch with your customers

An efficient email newsletter can make a positive ROI. It helps in building effective relationship and also helps in keeping your name in front of your existing and potential clients. Email Newsletters are very effective particularly for businesses selling products where customers carry out huge evaluation before the purchase (e.g. Home, Online Products, Car etc). A  email newsletter is an opportunity to tell your customers about you and…

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