Email Marketing

Using News Letters to keep in touch with your customers

Email Newsletters Power

Using News Letters to keep in touch with your customers

An efficient email newsletter can make a positive ROI. It helps in building effective relationship and also helps in keeping your name in front of your existing and potential clients.

Email Newsletters are very effective particularly for businesses selling products where customers carry out huge evaluation before the purchase (e.g. Home, Online Products, Car etc). A  email newsletter is an opportunity to tell your customers about you and your services or products, while giving useful information, they value.

Advantages of a standard Email Newsletter

Much better than offline marketing where you need to include printing and sending costs as well.

Support and maintain relationships

It builds a exceptional outlook to connect one to one with customers. Keep in mind that sharing useful information about your products or services will help you establish as an expert on the subject.

Growth in website traffic

A standard newsletter with links to your business deals, products or blog posts will have a positive impact on web traffic volumes.

Growth in sales 

You can reach out to people who already shown interest in your products or services. With such a extremely targeted message you mainly take care of possible customers who haven’t yet transformed as well as existing clients who may or will possibly buy from you again.

Email Newsletters Content Ideas

Now it’s time to come up with content you will send your customers. Below are some of the topics covered which customers love to read about it.
Surveys and Statistics – Mention your current client surveys or business related statistics as folks like reading this type of data.

Company News – People like reading about the success of your and anything that happens inside your company. Include photos in email newsletter as they will absolutely improve your click through rate.

Blog – If you update your blog on a regular basis then this is a great type of content for your email newsletter. Share blogs which has the most number of views with your subscriber.

Quiz – everyone like quizzes from time-to-time as we all know. The quiz results can also act as a dominant base for future content making.

Case Studies – how your work in a real life are always a good stuff that people read. If possible, include some image content such as photos, videos or graphs.

Useful resources – You can go the extra mile and help your customers by including links to useful websites, articles or other resources.

F.A.Q. – Pick one question you often get asked by your customers and create complete content to provide an answer.

Offers – Come up with some offers entirely for your email newsletter subscribers or share if you have any with them. Your work will be appreciated for your uniqueness.

New business products – This is easy to understand really, let your clients know about your new business, services or products as these might be the ones they were looking for.