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Content and design must go hand in hand for a successful project

successful websites ensure that content and design create synergy

Content and design both have equal importance for a good website. Ensuring that they both work together is very important for the success of a web project. Often many designers will find it difficult to start without content. Copywriters and strategists on the opposite find it complex to write down without a design model. What’s the finest method to move past this sticking point? As a digital agency,…

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What makes a good blog?

Tips to make your blog rocking !

A blog can be good or bad? Once you accept that, it’s easier to make amendments and redesign your blog into something that drives conversions, attracts the correct audience and ranks well in search engines - what we call a good blog. So what makes a good or bad blog, below we have outlined some factors that have an impact: Frequency One of the major problems that blogs…

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Why multimedia content should be part of your content strategy?

In this crowded marketplace get noticed through multimedia

How do you create your content that stands out from the others? With more content than ever being formed and promoted, it’s good to say the Internet is a demanding place these days. For businesses this means getting your message across and not misplaced in the noise is becoming a challenge. Whether you’re creating info graphics, whitepapers, blog posts or more highly developed pieces of technical content, it’s…

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