Multimedia content

multimedia content

Why multimedia content should be part of your content strategy?

In this crowded marketplace get noticed through multimedia

How do you create your content that stands out from the others?

With more content than ever being formed and promoted, it’s good to say the Internet is a demanding place these days. For businesses this means getting your message across and not misplaced in the noise is becoming a challenge.

Whether you’re creating info graphics, whitepapers, blog posts or more highly developed pieces of technical content, it’s important for your industry to take benefit of efficient storytelling and stand out from the mass.

360 digital believes that multimedia content  is very effective .You should not only put together some convincing statistics in your content but also incorporate plenty of helpful tips for users to make your content stand out.

Some interesting statistics about multimedia content:

  • Every 60 seconds – 60 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube and 168 million emails are sent.
  • Make sure your content is formed and packaged with a logical story so it stands out.
  • Approximately 10,000 marketing post seen are seen every day.
  • Make brand more impressive by telling your story as your brand could simply get lost in these marketing posts.
  • Nearly half of the professional’s time is used managing information, and not acting on it.
  • Tell them the story you want them to hear by managing the information of your audience.
  • Two – third of people scan read, rather than read every single word.
  • Don’t let your content get off directly – initiate with a strong headline, catch and opening paragraph.
  • Press releases through multimedia achieve 80% more responses than text-only PRs.
  • Videos added with blog post are linked to three times more than text only blog.
  • In the age of information surplus, cut through the noise – don’t inform, show.


Some finer take-away on multimedia content

  • Everyone wants multimedia
  • No one reads
  • Everyone is busy
  • Don’t let your brand get lost in marketing overload
  • The internet is full so don’t let your information get lost in different places