User Centric Branding

How to do user centric branding

User centric brand – What your business needs to know

User centric brand as a competitive advantage

By listening to your users and contributing to their success, you can make a brand, which will be driven by your user and will provide you unbeatable competitive advantage – user centric brand.

To a certain increasing class of people, there is a virtual electronic fruit bowl that is competing eagerly for a share of your wallet/clothes – Apple, Orange, Blackberry and the like. There isn’t enough fruit though for each company to take one as a company name. Branding however remains a very important part of establishing yourself in the consumer’s atmosphere. The brands which will be successful will be one which will take their users with them and which are built around users – user centric brand.

How Great user centric brand is created?

Branding now though needs to be backed up by a good product or a product that its user will speak about. It is important that you are capable to communicate the advantage of your service or product very evidently. You can put your audience to work for you by finding those preacher who are happy to talk about you to their friends and family, of which there are likely to be more prospects.

It isn’t always as simple as that as you can’t delight anyone. Your evangelists however help you deal with this by matching negative sentiment with positive testimonials they themselves have experienced.

Brands that are most easily remembered have tapped into the need people – from what they dress into, what team they support and what phone they use. Finding that emotional soft spot is vital for creating a user centric brand.

If you understand your audience’s desire you can modify the content you use to talk to them and even more prominently you can offer them the product that they want. Apple stands out here. People wanted a device, but they required it to be easy to use. iPhones and iPod above all were seen as easy-to-use so public talk wildly about them subsequently creating aspiration.

Delight your customers and they’ll market for you

Brands that are listening and inspiring their users to buy and to inform people about their practice serve to harden user reliability.

Buzzfeed over the past 18 months or so has overwhelmed social networks like a group of collective behavior. But this is because they have found a great blend of click bait with a quite complete range of topics clearly ‘findable’ for users, be it politics, celebrity gossip. Now they’re known almost as a portal for ‘interesting’ content for so many; their viewers take the social sharing on time and advertise the content even further than Buzzfeed could supervise.

How can you gauge Brand magnitude?

Being a blog that has Digital Marketing for businesses at its mind it would be valuable to cover how sites can know how much value their brands bring to them.

Dashboard junkie has a great dashboard that gives a top level view of AdWords performance at collective, branded and non-branded levels.

Real time brand monitoring courtesy of Topsy let you to stay on top of what the social web is saying about your brand. Couple analysis if this with a TalkWalker accounts that alerts you occasionally to brand mentions that are found across the web, to provide you every potential opportunity to deal with any situation.


Branding to the point of redefining a word on some stage is striking but does it provide much commercial importance? If the answer to ‘what is your best plus?’ is your brand then this presents a chance for your goods to catch up. Take a look at your viewers, pay attention to them and take action. That’s where the secure land lies.