Local SEO

Local SEO Is important

Think Local SEO and get relevant traffic

By winning traffic near you half the battle is already won

In this ever changing time the SEO plays an important role in businesses, but without running a local SEO campaign your business could be missing traffic that should otherwise be yours. Does this sound familiar?

Let’s counter an interesting statistics

Most of the mobile and desktop searchers will call a business directly from a search results page without visiting a website or calling them.

Google’s resolution to provide its users with the most individual results has directed them to deliver localized results .If Google think the search to have local aim.

If your business is believed to have limited aim and you haven’t optimized for limited traffic, you might be completely missing out on traffic and custom.

Here is what I mean;

We are based in Pune. If I search for “restaurants” on my laptop here is what I see in return:

We get displayed with local restaurants based on our location – despite the fact we haven’t added a location.

Google knows where we are, and on the back of that will put great effort to deliver us local results where possible. We don’t even have to be logged into our Google account.

I don’t have to visit any of their sites. I can even ask Google to provide me with directions. The same is also true from a mobile search.

The information is connected to Google Local data, which is just one part of any Local SEO campaign, but shows just how powerful having your local SEO campaign in place can be.  As you can see, a Local SEO campaign is necessary

What do you require?

Well a Local SEO campaign can be divided into several areas. With just one part not optimized properly you might hold yourself back. Unlike a more common SEO campaign, Local SEO is quite precise in where you need to work.

By maintaining all of the following areas you will be supplying Google with the information that helps define you as local to your area.

SEO on pages

You require the right local optimization to be acknowledged out to make sure you are giving Google the correct sign.

Content Marketing for Local

You need to be making sure that your one page and off-site content marketing is highly related. Content marketing is now as very important as the SEO when it come to Local.

Mobile Search

Mobile is now a significant part of Local SEO. With such a high proportion of mobile searches you need to be mobile organized.

Local Profiles

Do you have a presence on all the significant local profiles? Are they placed properly and are they confirmed?


This is frequently seen as the hardest element of Local SEO, gaining the preferred reviews into the right profiles to make sure you are competitive and to assist you stand out from the crowd.

Social Media

Tie the knot with Google is just as important. Other platforms you may have previously covered, though, more like any SEO campaign, in a way to find achievement you require to have all region enclosed.

Mobile is important and as Smartphone technology carry on to progress the two are becoming more and more knotted. Local is important - Don’t miss out.

  • Mohit

    Nice article to read, but could you provide more insight how to get more local traffic

    • 360digitalm

      Will write more posts on specific local traffic targeting – stay tuned.