Digital BOOM in 2016

2016 Internet of Things(IOT)

Digital Media most wanted in 2016

Digital BOOM in 2016

Digital Media has been one of the most fashionable word in the last 5 years. From website development to website optimization to email marketing, digital marketing all is included here. Topping it up with Social media, mobile applications, games, messaging apps, chatting apps and even IoT and we’re just about there.

Do you know what is going to boom in 2016? Well some are here:
1. Global Mobile. Mobile is everywhere and in so many cases bypassed desktop/laptops altogether. It is possible that more mobile phones will boom in the digital media. Projecting your brand DNA in mobile applications and user experience has never been more critical. Do not be the brand that neglects design and craftsmanship in mobile — you will be ignored. And remember, even search is now mobile so make sure you understand what that means to your brand and your consumer’s buying cycle.

2. 2016 is the Year of Messaging Apps 2.0 I wrote about this trend in the beginning of 2015 and nothing is slowing it down. The ability to communicate one-to-one privately has been lost in the world of social applications so both business and consumers have turned to WhatsApp, Line, WeChat and Messenger to fill that gap. This will continue to grow and we’ll see new business applications come on line.

3. Distribution Is King. As said content is king, still important, most of us realize we are in more content than we can consume. On-demand is being time-shifted more and more. I believe distribution will be more critical than ever. Great content is literally sitting on the shelves with no audience. Nothing gets shared if it doesn’t get watched or listened to in the first place. Getting content i\onto the mobile device of your consumers and audience has become the next big frontier. Brands are now experimenting with new distribution platforms. Watch for this merger to continue as music, video, movies, TV, photos, long-form articles, advertising will rise and fall with effective and efficient distribution.

4. Big Data Will Become Big Intelligence. As many firms and marketers have found out, big data can be a big mess without an intelligence plan. Data needs to be turned into actionable business insights in order to truly aid decision-making. I’ve seen too many marketers stare at social dashboards and get lost in the data. Same thing happens with big consumer and trend data. Look for really smart analytics to take a seat at the table as we continue to field massive amounts of data into true intelligence. In addition to providing insights, this intelligence can then drive content and distribution.

There much more we will see in 2016 in terms of media or digital media.