Lifestyle vs jobstyle

Lifestyle vs jobstyle

Impact on Personal and Professional life

Lifestyle vs jobstyle

Work for living Or Live for working??

1. Live in the present.

Living in the moment doesn’t mean completely forgetting about the past and the future, it means not allowing the past or the future to control the present. I can honestly say that one of the things I am most proud of during my work was being present every single moment and taking it all in. People who rush, rush, rush toward their future often forget about what they’re doing right now.

Time goes quickly, and if you don’t stop and enjoy what’s occurring, at the end of your life you’ll end up wondering what exactly happened.

2. Become a super planner.

Working insanely hard doesn’t stress people out; weak preparation and working hard on insignificant tasks is what stresses people out. So, be ready for preparation. Do the work others aren’t willing to do. Being around future is what it really takes to excel at an extremely high level. Immediate notice will increase the amount of preparation and hard work that was required for the best.

Noticing that there are players who never worry and stress themselves out, because they know deep down that they work to the best of their ability.

Study, research, practice, prepare. There is immense gratification that comes from adopting this mentality. It’s never enough to just do what’s required. When you become a champion of preparation, you will notice your impact rise and your stress levels drastically decline.

3. Celebrate every day.

There is power in celebrating everything — especially the small daily wins. Make it a personal habit to start celebrating everything in life. Just because you haven’t reached one of your main goals yet doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and capitalize on where you currently are. One good way to get into the habit is by recording your small daily wins in a journal.

At the end of each day, write down five wins for that specific day. It doesn’t mean all should be good one , write every likes and dislikes this will give you a review of what has to improved or which action has to be taken to increase  your credibility and where you need not. There are always something new which might give you a better way towards your personal and professional life.