Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

An Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimization

Doubling your conversion rate leads can boost your sales by 8X

Conversion rate optimization is the art of creating the best path to purchase or desired goal achievable for the user.

A good SEO & content team can drive high value leads to websites through well executed digital marketing strategies.

However, getting the user to the site is only half the battle, How do they act when they get there? How can you push them to complete actions in line with your business objectives? How can you support them to complete a transaction?

Conversion Rate Optimization

In today’s conversion driven digital world SEO must begin with design. Content and design have to work together ensuring a smooth journey from the landing page to checkout page. Search marketing is useless unless your website is optimized to convert visitors.

After all, there is no point in driving well-off organic traffic to your site if your visitors aren’t welcomed with an experience to encourage them to entire the preferred action.

Digital agencies whose search marketing goals are only keyword ranking oriented are going out of business; and if they’re not, they’re on their way. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) became a catchphrase for digital marketers towards the back end of 2013 and this has crashed into 2014 as the increase of m-commerce has risen at an incredible rate.

There are multiple elements to creating successful elevated level conversion rate. These all fall under the UX umbrella but can be wrecked down into the following elements within that:

  • Landing pages
  • Design
  • Content
  • Functionality
  • Calls to action

Get these elements right and the valuable leads whether worth Rs20 or Rs 20K will come, providing you’ve laid a tough marketing strategy to catch the user to the target page.

What Are Conversion spot?

These can be unique depending on your business objectives and the business you are involved in. There are many unusual types of conversion spot, which should be considered and built with the focus on the user’s experience in mind as well as making their journey to conversion as easy as possible.
Example conversion spot:

  • A user carrying out an online transaction
  • A user register for an event
  • A user signing up for a creation trial
  • A user submitting a contact form
  • A user signing onto a newsletter list

There are multiple conversion spots for some websites but nearly all websites will have a general conversion spot: lead generation. Contact pages are repeatedly A/B tested to make sure that users are encouraged to complete a form for that all important business lead. This is mainly vital for lead generation for businesses whose average client is worth tens of thousands of rupees.

If it doesn’t excites you consider this – A 10% increase in conversion rate from 10% to 20% could lead to 800% increase in sales. So it’s always make sense to work on Conversion Rate Optimization.