Using online channels to promote your products

Using online channels to promote your products

Using online channels to promote your products

Mix of new online channels for selling your products

If you sell products online in your extra time or you have an ecommerce business, there have never been a better number of online channels to get your product endorsed or get traffic for your website.

Some of these online channels work well beside your main site, some have replaced the necessity for an e-commerce site entirely and work as a standalone solution for Internet-based sales and endorsement.

Facebook as an online channel for awareness

Facebook can be one of the most helpful in selling products if you know how to actively use it. Sharing news, linking with fans, throwing competitions and convincing your fans to share information is big for getting your product in front of large number of audience. This is normally a time consuming task, however. You have to remain active to make Facebook work as a customer acquisition channel.

Twitter as a traffic builder

It can be used to increase sales and promote products. Once you have build up good base of followers, you have subscribers who are paying attention in your brand or your products and you can promote any new stuffs or information to this audience. If they like what they observe then there is a good possibility that they will then share the information you tweet with their followers.

Pinterest as a product showcase

Pinterest is a comparatively new podium that has exploded onto the sight lately. The whole platform enables users to make theme focused boards to which they can pin images to from crossways of the web.

Considering the easiness of creating a new pin and the number of folks who use and are eager to re-pin things they like, it can be a huge opportunity for revealing your products and website to a whole new crowd.

The platform is completely free and is simple to set up which means that it is worth frequently posting; even if you do not see much from this at first, it only takes a few people re-pinning your pins to get a upright level of traffic from it.

Daily Deals Website – Desidime, Freekamaal Etc

These sites are centered on presenting consumers great deals on products, gifts and holidays based on a definite number of people purchasing. If companies decide to use the platform for endorsement, they can create a lot of sales in a quite short period of time and also add to the awareness of the brand.

There is a superior chance that these people may come back to purchase again after the early daily deal purchase. It is worth noting that there have been times where entrepreneurs have underestimated the number of sales that can be attain through these types of platforms and have found themselves in a place where they cannot complete the orders.

Google Shopping

If you are energetically selling products online, one good way of promoting the products is to get them listed on the Google shopping. These listings are sometimes displayed on the Google search results pages for different product queries. It can be a grand way to increase your business and throw more traffic to your website, particularly if your business offers products cheaper than your contender.

Sign up on Google Merchant Center and upload data related to the products you sell.

Product Videos

The influence of videos is still largely misjudged. There is a huge audience on sites like YouTube and other platforms where folks are expected to search for products and associated reviews. If you generate some well thought out, useful and good quality videos, you may be able to capture the interest of an audience that formerly might not have found you.

Review websites as an online channel

Reviews can help drive traffic to your website; they can also influence someone to make a buy once they reach your website. There are varieties of ways in which reviews can be utilized to your advantage. Firstly you can make sure you are listed on a lot of external review websites so pleased customers can find you if they wish to remark on a good experience.

Affiliate marketing as on online channel

Making an affiliate plan can help enlarge your reach leading to increase in sales and customers. Why not have other sites involved in your products doing promotion for a bit of commission for referrals.

Pay Per Click marketing

Pay per Click offers a definite way to get visitors to your website. It ensures that you have full control over the sum of money you use and if you have a rough plan of the percentage of visitors that convert when reaching the website, you can make sure that you for all time return a profit.

By combining a well optimized campaign with targeted landing pages you can make sure that each user is expected to be interested in the products you are selling. It is then down to the landing pages to influence them to make the purchase.

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