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Free guidance on digital marketing, SEO, SMM and generating traffic without gigantic marketing budget for Startup CEO's, Entrepreneurs and Business owners.

Think Local SEO and get relevant traffic

By winning traffic near you half the battle is already won

In this ever changing time the SEO plays an important role in businesses, but without running a local SEO campaign your business could be missing traffic that should otherwise be yours. Does this sound familiar? Let’s counter an interesting statistics Most of the mobile and desktop searchers will call a business directly from a search results page without visiting a website or calling them. Google’s resolution to provide…

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How to check speed of your website ?

Free tools for checking speed of your website

Ever since broadband became the standard, website users have anticipated websites to load within a couple of seconds. Slow loading pages can have remarkable effect on the number of users who will purchase from your website.So how to check speed of website ? The subsequent tools are designed to check, examine and improve the speed of the pages on your website. For each business, the usual loading speed…

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Using online channels to promote your products

Mix of new online channels for selling your products

If you sell products online in your extra time or you have an ecommerce business, there have never been a better number of online channels to get your product endorsed or get traffic for your website. Some of these online channels work well beside your main site, some have replaced the necessity for an e-commerce site entirely and work as a standalone solution for Internet-based sales and endorsement.…

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What is Marketing Automation?

How technology is changing the way we do marketing

Google’s trends shows that traffic for the term ‘Marketing Automation’ has risen by 40% in the last year, but why and what’s all the argument about? As a digital agency, we get inquired about this by a lot by customers. If it’s your first time reading about marketing automation, don’t panic it’s not about robot and you’ll still be in a job. We’ve put a few essential steps…

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Why you need a digital Marketing strategy?

In today's market place a sound digital strategy is required for success

It is evident that many of the companies are using digital media effectively and they could surely be getting great results from their search, social media marketing or email marketing efforts. But we are equally sure that many are missing opportunities because of lack of sound digital marketing strategy. Indeed a great way to set path through setting goals is to think about how you can integrate your…

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Has Google killed the SEO – Is SEO Dead ?

Frequent update of algorithm by google and its impact on SEO

Or, if you speak something enough times you begin to believe it - Is SEO Dead ? In fact it’s the reverse. Not because we are looking to argue the point that SEO is dead or will take breath of life back. More because SEO feels like it is starting to get forgotten – which is online suicide! This is a bit of a wake-up call to website…

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